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Celebrating 75 Years of Food Service

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Vans PX Truck
 This year SK Food Group is celebrating our 75th Anniversary. We know a thing or two about rolling with the times. After all, we started as a small, locally based Seattle mobile catering company. We served a lot of construction and industrial areas and our roots are firmly planted in providing everyday folks with good, nutritious, quality food items at reasonable prices.

Sk Food Group 75th Anniversary

Over the years our company has changed hands and names, but as more mobile trucks were added to the fleet so came the need for better and faster food manufacturing services.  As we stretched our goals and imagination, we quickly developed into the company you see today. In 2006 the mobile catering side of the business was sold to concentrate on the manufacturing side. Over time we became a leader in the industry with some of the best quality assurance practices in the world. As of 2017, the company now has 9 locations and we can truly say we now serve all of North America. Enjoy a look back at where we started, and ask yourself, when was the last time you had a cup of coffee for 15¢ or a salami and cheese sandwich for 45¢!


Van's PX menu 1971

Van’s PX menu 1971

Don Campbell's Quality Food Service Trucks

Name change in 1979 to Don Campbell’s Quality Food Service

Stover's Kitchen Trucks

In 2004 name changes to Stover’s Kitchen.

Toast handcrafted even then.

Toast handcrafted even then.


ESL Studies – Lessons beyond language

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ESL Book

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The Future at Work with LeadersUp

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Bringing young talent to the workplace

SK Food Group (SKFG) is partnering with LeadersUp, a non-profit organization working with employers and community based organizations to create talent pipelines that connects young adults to career pathways and helps businesses meet entry to middle-skill hiring needs.SKFG is committed to working with inclusive groups like LeadersUp to open the doors of opportunity for youth who don’t always come with previous job experience or have had difficulty finding a job due to personal struggles. Participants in the program join the LeadersUp program which serves as a pipeline for plant associates. A young person may start out on the production line, but he or she may be quickly moved up to a Production Lead where that person can utilize their leadership qualities as a supervisor.

Ana Sanchez did just that. She is a young mother with two daughters who is currently a production supervisor in Columbus, Ohio.  She states, “LeadersUp gave me the opportunity to find what I needed and what satisfied me…” she went on to add, “you never know if it’s going to be that one opportunity to change your life forever.” Hear from other young associates and see what our program is all about.