SK Food Group products are assembled by associates who have been trained in quality control, food safety processes and production output supported by a network of motorized conveyor systems. This handcrafted approach sustains the visual appeal and appetizing appearance of our products and enhances quality control across all our facilities. 

In addition, our slicing capabilities allow us to prepare meat and cheese for a wide range of thicknesses and weight specifications. Together, these processes make our food products both unique and delicious.

Integrity & Food Safety

For us, food safety is a non-negotiable principle. It guides everything we do. 

As leaders in the industry, we take an active role in ongoing scientific testing and food production safety. Working with our in-house team and independent laboratories and consultant groups, we are committed to product safety and integrity.

Our plants are designed in tandem with leading food and technology experts and are custom-built processing facilities. Each facility contains support warehouses, coolers, freezers, dry storage and multiple docking bays that ensure our products are delivered in a timely manner.

In addition, all our plants meet and/or exceed all federal, state & provincial and local regulations. They are USDA or CFIA certified, inspected and supported by trained staff with expertise in production, quality assurance and sanitation.

Premium Food Products

Eating habits are changing, and more and more consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on what is in their food and how it is made.

Our premium  wraps, omelettes and sandwiches are a cut above the competition and hold up well to cold and reheating conditions. Our charcuterie boards are the natural choice for a growing population of younger, savvier consumers. These delicious, simple selections of meats and cheeses are assembled in our state-of-the-art facilities and adhere to the strictest guidelines. Learn more about our private label solutions.

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