Associate Spotlight: Moni Ghaley

Mar 12, 2024

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Moni Ghaley was a former E-4 Specialist in the Army National Guard, serving in Arizona as a Horizontal Constructional Engineer. 

Moni is now a Manufacturing Manager in Phoenix and has been with SK since 2015. We asked Moni a few questions about his work with SK and what he enjoys most. 

What is your favorite thing about working at SK Food Group?

MG: My favorite thing about SK is that it’s very safety-oriented. HR and Leadership ensure all employees and team members are always striving to work in the safest environment. 

Why do you think people should join the SK family?

MG: SK Food is a very diverse home of opportunity and has great benefits.

What do you look forward to most in your day?

MG: Coaching and monitoring our employees about the business and helping them advance their skills so they can turn their jobs into careers.