Women in Science Series – Katelyn Richmond

Feb 26, 2024

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We spoke with SK’s Senior Manager of Commercialization Katelyn Richmond. Learn more about her experience as a female leader as we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science this February 11th. 

Have you always loved science? 

KR: Yes, I’ve always loved Science since I was a kid.

How do you leverage science in your position? 

KR: Even though my degree is in Food Science, my current position is more of a Project Manager Role. However, I do feel like my degree gives me a bit of an edge because I can understand the science behind some concerns during a pilot, which helps me troubleshoot and brainstorm how we can improve.

Is it fun?

KR: Science is always fun!

Did you think as a child that you would pursue the sciences and use them in your job? 

KR: As a child, I wanted to be an Optometrist. When I entered college, I realized I didn’t want to pursue that any longer but I still wanted to do something with Science. I found Food Science and it was perfect. I’m a foodie so combining food and science was like a dream come true!

Were you ever the only female in a class or meeting, and how did you approach that? 

KR: Yes, several times. Luckily my parents raised me to be myself/not be intimidated no matter who you are around. Be confident in yourself. It is often challenging to be a woman in a ‘man’s world’ (because a lot of STEM-based studies/jobs are predominantly male) but I like the challenge and I like bringing a different perspective to a group.


What would you tell a little girl that loves science?  

KR: Don’t let challenging situations get you down. Don’t feel less than male counterparts. Keep working hard and enjoy it! You’re perspective matters.