Women in Science Series – Padma Khadka

Feb 22, 2024

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We spoke with SK’s Safety and Compliance Manager Padma Khadka about her experience as a woman in science as we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science this month. 

Have you always loved science? 

PK: I’ve always been fascinated by how things function, and this curiosity naturally led to my love of science. I always enjoy trying new things, and I find discovering the wonders of nature to be quite intriguing.

How do you leverage science in your position? 

PK: I believe that a major factor in my utilization of science is my dedication to lifelong study. Since science is a very dynamic field, I am able to adjust to new developments and apply them to my work by keeping up with new research and technological developments.

Is it fun?

PK: For me, science is all about satisfying curiosity. It’s not only enjoyable but incredibly fascinating because of the excitement of making inquiries, carrying out experiments, and learning new things.

Did you think as a child that you would pursue the sciences and use them in your job? 

PK: As a child, I had a general interest in many things, including science. Over time, that interest evolved into a genuine love for scientific exploration and understanding. It’s fascinating how childhood interests can shape our career paths.

Were you ever the only female in a class or meeting, and how did you approach that? 

PK: Well, it’s very interesting that I was not the only female in science in my class during high school but definitely the male students ratio was much higher than female science student. When I went to undergrad and master’s degree school apparently there were only 3 or 4 more female students including me. Sometimes on those situations being one of those very few females in a class or meeting didn’t define my experience. Instead, I chose to focus on my individual strengths and contributions. It was very important for me to be confident in my own abilities and recognize my unique perspective to the class or team.


What would you tell a little girl who loves science?  

PK: I would let her know that she can dream big. If she wants to be an astronaut, a biologist, or anything else, she has the power to make it happen because science is all about experimenting and exploring things. I would support her dreams and ambitions and help her find the right path she wants to pursue.