Women in Science Series – Meghan Stevenson

Feb 15, 2024

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We spoke with SK’s Senior Director of Food Safety, QA and Procurement Meghan Stevenson. Learn as she shares her experience as a woman in science as we celebrate Women and Girls in Science this month. 

Have you always loved science? 

MS: Yes, from a young age I was curious, loved to explore and asked a lot of questions. Science feeds a natural love for learning. I have always been drawn to science coursework.

How do you leverage science in your position? 

MS: I utilize weights, measure, and volumetric concepts almost daily. I use technical skills like researching, problem-solving and articulating reports throughout my daily tasks. These are all skills I learned from science or lab work.  I love what I do and utilizing these skills in my career.

Did you think as a child that you would pursue the sciences and use them in your job? 

MS: Without having hands-on science/lab classes I would have never made it through school and college. I do not do well sitting in a classroom environment while listening to lectures or reading from a book. I excel better when I can be hands-on and apply learnings to real life. Science course work allowed me to utilize my natural curiosity and apply it to the Quality Assurance Food Safety discipline.

Were you ever the only female in a class or meeting, and how did you approach that? 

MS: Many times. I focused on being the best I could be.


What would you tell a little girl who loves science?  

MS: Never stop asking questions. Find mentors throughout your life who will impart wisdom. Utilize real-life examples and experiences to grow yourself.