SK Food Group Breaks Ground on New Facility in Tennessee

Oct 12, 2023

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840 new jobs to be created by 2030

In a momentous event attended by local city, county, and state officials, SK Food Group Inc., one of North America’s foremost custom food manufacturers, embarked on an exciting journey with a groundbreaking ceremony held on September 26. The ceremony marked the initiation of the construction of our expansive 552,000 square foot food processing and cold storage distribution facility. The first phase of this three phase project, which will include the latest state-of-the-art automation technology for sandwich assembly and food handling, is expected to be completed in 2025.

In conjunction with the project, SK Food Group will be entering into a partnership with the PIE Center, a Bradley County Schools educational and industrial training program, to provide specialized employee training.

The development of this groundbreaking facility is expected to have a resounding impact on the local community, with an anticipated creation of 840 new jobs in the Cleveland region by the year 2030. Furthermore, SK Food Group is putting the environment, society, and governance at the forefront of its initiatives. Our commitment is exemplified by our pursuit of LEED Silver certification for the new facility, achieved through remarkable design features. These features include rainwater harvesting, using heat generated from refrigeration compressors to heat water and office spaces, and the creation of an exterior covered pavilion for employee breaks and other activities.

“We are very much looking forward to becoming part of the fabric of the local community and economy.”
—Dustin Dixon, President of SK Food Group

Officials breaking ground in Cleveland, Tennessee

Dustin Dixon, the President of SK Food Group, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this groundbreaking event, stating, “We are very excited to be officially breaking ground on our newest state-of-the-art facility. We are also pleased that we will be generating 840 new jobs in the Cleveland region and leveraging Cleveland’s best-in-class PIE Center, coupled with our own proprietary training and educational programs, to provide skills development to community members.”

“We are very much looking forward to becoming part of the fabric of the local community and economy,” added Mr. Dixon.