Reducing Water Consumption at SK Food Group

Apr 25, 2023

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Here at SK Food Group, water is a vital component in our food production processes. It is used primarily to sterilize our equipment and facilities, so we can continue to maintain best-in-class food safety standards, as well as the food safety certifications we hold for each of our sites. Managing our water use is also critical to the communities in which we operate, including the communities of our suppliers.

In order to prioritize our conservation efforts, we utilized the World Resources Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas tool. We measured the amount of water used in each of our facilities, then used the tool to geographically identify areas of high or extremely high baseline water stress. By creating a water intensity factor, we will track progress against our goal of reducing water consumption 50% through conservation and replenishment by 2030.

We are developing water conservation initiatives to incrementally reduce consumption across our facilities. The conservation initiatives include measures that focus on reducing total consumption of specific tasks. SK is also looking at opportunities to reduce potable water consumption by filtering and treating the process effluent for re-use in processes that are not tied directly to the preparation of food products, such as cooling tower make-up water. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to participate in water replenishment programs that recharge local aquifers and build a freshwater reserve for use during times of drought.

As water risks around the world continually increase, SK is committed to reducing consumption and increasing conservation and replenishment.