SK Food Group’s ESG Report is Here!

Aug 29, 2022

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SK Food Group is proud to announce that our ESG Report for 2021 is here!

As one of five unique companies that make up the North American Sandwich Division, we’re united behind a set of strongly held values that we call the “SK Way”. As an organization whose true center and purpose is to help people realize their full potential, our focus has always been the success of and responsible approach to our people, suppliers and customers.

Our Journey

The way we look at ESG is this: it is our way of doing business—enabling people to reach their full potential in order to meet long term business goals that are socially and environmentally beneficial.

In 2020, we formalized our ESG Charter, as well as our ESG Executive Committee and team of ESG Champions. Our members not only represent the functions in our organization most relevant to our impacts, but are individuals who are truly passionate about delivering against our goals.

Areas of Focus

SK Food Group assembles and manufactures millions of meals per day. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are doing so in a manner that is safe and responsible for all of our stakeholders: our Associates, customers, suppliers and communities.

Through many conversations across our value chain, and in alignment with our purpose and other sustainability frameworks, we identified the following four focus areas: Nutrition, Environment, Social, and Communities.

Our ESG Report

Our goal was to organize, measure and communicate our ESG story in a way that reflects how an authentic, purpose-driven organization, focused on the personal success of its people, their families and communities, drives financial results.

And while ESG isn’t new to SK Food Group, we recognize that it is a journey. And that is the SK Way—living out our purpose, taking a steadfast approach to our business each day, each week, each quarter, each year.

We encourage you to read our 2021 ESG report and learn how we create transformation in people’s lives and in our own business through the “SK Way”.