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Designed in tandem with leading food and technology experts, our custom-built processing facilities house SK Food Group’s manufacturing plants. Our plants include warehouses, coolers, freezers, dry storage, and multiple docking bays to ensure our products are delivered in a timely manner. Our facilities meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations and all are USDA certified, fully inspected by the FDA and are supported by trained associates with expertise in production, quality assurance, and sanitation. Call us to set up a tour!


SQF certificate March 2020Phoenix, Arizona

At, 213,000 square foot, our Phoenix Facility is the largest of SK Food Group’s state-of-the-art USDA certified manufacturing facilities.

Favorite place to show off:

Our Gemba Room is a meeting room right off the production floor that overlooks the production lines. We like to take visitors there because not only is it exciting to show visitors the lines in motion, it’s an opportunity to speak with customers about  what we do and what we’re good at in a relaxed environment.

Note: The name refers to  “Gemba Kaizen,” a Japanese concept of continuous improvement designed for enhancing processes and reducing waste. Within a lean context, Gemba simply refers to the location where value is created, while Kaizen relates to improvements.

SK Food Group plant, Reno, Nevada

SQF certificate March 2020Reno, Nevada

SK Food Group’s state-of-the-art, 150,000 square foot USDA certified manufacturing facility is the first of our facilities.

Reno knows how to roll:

At Reno, we love to showcase our wrap lines. Whether it’s rolling burritos or feta spinach wraps, we work hard to have consistent quality and a look that is always just right.


SK Food Group Plant Columbus Ohio.

SQF certificate March 2020Columbus, Ohio

SK Food Group’s second state-of-the-art, 180,000 square foot USDA certified manufacturing facility outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Favorite place to show off:

Looking at our fresh pack room you would think our associates are doing surgery. Dressed in special food handling blue suits our teams work in an immaculate, stainless steel environment. The men and women on these production lines are in every sense of the word food handling specialists. Truly, watching the way the meats and cheeses are artfully laid out in packs is definitely a sight to see.

3 burgers

breakfast sandwich

Denver wrap

wedge sandwiches



SQF Certification logo

SQF 8.1 Food Safety and Quality Certified: Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System

SK Food Group is pleased to announce that we have earned the prestigious certification of the SQF 8.1 Food Safety and Quality Certified in our US plants and SQF2000 Level 2 Certification in all our Canadian plants. The SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is a leading, global food safety and quality management system. With this certification SQF acknowledges SK Food Group as a food supplier that complies with international and domestic food safety regulations. This enables SK Food Group to assure customers that food has been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain.

SQF 8.1 is a prestigious, earned certification recognized by food retailers and wholesalers in the United States and around the world.

USDA Certified
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides leadership on food production, agriculture, and natural resources. Based on public policy, the best available science, and efficient management, the USDA provides oversight for a variety of food production processes that enhance food safety from farm to table. Incorporating a variety of governmental directives and standards, SK Food Group’s USDA certification guarantees everything from our ingredients to our label information fall well within the parameters of the certification guidelines. SK Food Group has an in-house USDA compliance regulatory manager who specializes in label compliance and submittals to USDA.
FDA Regulated
All production at SK Food Group is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The governmental agency that is responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of our nation’s food supply, as part of the regulation process, the FDA regularly tests food samples for contaminants. This added safety check ensures the integrity, and safety of all SK Food Group offerings.
Our Canadian operations, HQ Fine Foods and Deli Chef are both federally inspected facilities. Mitigating risks to food safety is the CFIA’s highest priority, and the health and safety of Canadians is the driving force behind the design and development of CFIA programs. The CFIA, in collaboration and partnership with industry continues to work towards protecting Canadians from preventable health risks related to food. CFIA provides inspection services and regulatory oversight for food production and delivers consumer protection. CFIA enforces Health Canada policies and standards governing the food safety and nutritional quality of all food sold in Canada and verifies industry compliance with federal acts and regulations.
The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan has been established to prevent food borne illness. Based on the recognition that food manufacturers are responsible for determining critical aspects of safe food production, SK Food Group’s HACCP plan improves efficiency by providing a disciplined and systematic approach to our production. Additionally, HACCP allows inspectors an opportunity to obtain complete and accurate views of the processes being employed. Our adherence to a set HACCP plan ensures product purity and safety from production through delivery.

Operating at the highest levels:

All United States Production Facilities Are Certified SQF 8.1

  •  Senior management is committed to a “food safety is non-negotiable” principle, along with consistent product quality, system improvements and customer satisfaction
  • All employees are extensively trained in food safety and product handling before ever stepping on the floor
  • All facilities are audit-ready
  • Strict adherence to HACCP programs implemented for Frozen and RTE Fresh products
  • Multiple HACCP Certified and PCQI Certified (preventative controls qualified individual)  professionals in each site
  • FSMA compliant and operate under a Food Safety/HARPC Plan in addition to a HACCP plan
  • Operating programs and procedures are well defined, developed and documented to insure that employees are trained and programs are followed
  • Import/Export products internationally
  • Approved for Canadian Export Verification Program (EV) for closed-faced sandwiches
  • Component and finished goods compliance audits are conducted throughout the production day by QA Staff
  • Regulatory audits conducted by USDA, FDA, State and Local Health Departments
woman with egg bin

SK Food Group Phoenix facility.

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