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prosciutto in fresh pack

Fresh Packed Prosciutto. Great for cheese items as well.

Packaged with care & technology

SK Food Group has a variety of packaging options for fresh pack and frozen products including, shrink, butcher paper and hand wrap methods along with our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Horizontal Flow Wrap. Our technologically advanced packaging systems form their own in-line containers and control the atmosphere within the completed packages.

Our packaging options are designed for fresh and frozen products and our equipment can produce packaging in several sizes and configurations to meet a wide variety of needs. For Custom Private Label Products packaging, our engineers work directly with customers to formulate a distinctive design and dye that supports product purity, quality, and freshness.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) ensures food products are safely packaged and reach consumers in optimum condition. Able to extend the shelf life of a product up to twenty-eight days, MAP employs a packaging process that takes atmospheric air out of a package and replaces it with a mixture of inert gases. SK Food Group’s MAP process uses a controlled mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to ensure maximum shelf life and product stability and safety. Designed to inhibit the growth of some microorganisms (molds and bacteria), our MAP process results in no significant chemical alteration of the product. As with all perishable products, MAP packaged perishable foods have to be kept constantly under refrigeration. The benefits of MAP include:

Horizontal Flow Wrap

Our Horizontal Flow Wraps provide a choice of efficient, cost saving alternatives for both fresh and frozen products. Using flat, wound roll stock film to create a complete over-wrap around a product, our Horizontal Flow Wrap process is highly efficient and delivers a longitudinal “fin” seal. A choice of flexible polypropylenes, high-density polyethylene, Mylar, and a variety of other heat-sealable laminates are available.

Delivering the ultimate in end-user flexibility, depending on the film, our versatile Horizontal Flow Wraps can be frozen, thawed, and/or placed directly into a microwave or warming oven. Available in clear or colored films, Horizontal Flow Wraps can be preprinted to deliver instructions and strategic marketing messages.