SK Food Group’s state-of-the-art North American facilities delivers Oven Pride®Kitchen, contract manufacturing and custom private label products to the national and international marketplace. Designed in tandem with leading food and technology experts, our custom-built processing facilities include a warehouse, coolers, freezers, dry storage, and the multiple docking bays that ensure our products are delivered in a timely manner. Able to handle signature and all natural meat and non-meat products as well as unique, custom private label product ingredients, our facilities meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations.

The US facilities are USDA certified, fully inspected by the FDA and supported by a trained staff with expertise in production, quality assurance, and sanitation. As part of our on-going commitment to support all phases of preparation, production, and delivery, our US manufacturing facilities are located in Reno, Nevada, and Columbus, Ohio. Our corporate office in Seattle, Washington handles all new customer inquiries, ordering, and product queries.