Research & Development

Research & Development

In the culinary arts, imagination is often the most important ingredient when creating a new recipe. Our R&D Team is made up of with dreamers who love food and understand the ins and outs of the production process. Always on the lookout for new Oven Pride® Kitchen offerings, our R&D Team is constantly updating and refreshing our culinary offerings.

But their work does not stop there. Known for their passion and excitement when creating new recipes, our R&D team works one-on-one with Custom Private Label and Contract Manufacturing customers to design individual offerings that reflect the character, mission, and brand of their businesses. Our R&D staff approaches food concepts from their culinary as well as technical requirements to design unique product offerings.

Working in-house as well as with outside food and processing consultants, our R&D team follows food trends and monitors public taste. Whether a raw idea that needs to be brought to life or a fully formed recipe that needs to be adapted to the production line, our skilled R&D staff work directly with our customers to make their edible dreams a reality.

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