Our Associates

The men and women who make up the SK Food Group team are the very heart and core of our company. Their commitment and combined years of experience are the reason we are able to set the highest standards for customer service and product superiority. From our management team in Seattle, Washington to our operations staff in Nevada, Ohio, Quebec, and Alberta, the SK Food Group team reflects our deep commitment to excellence and the pride we take in our work.

The myriad backgrounds and expertise of our team gives us unique and diverse capabilities. Able to handle anything the market requires, our knowledge of production and packaging supports unique offerings and presents Custom Private Label Products customers with a blank canvas to express themselves. The entire SK Food Group team strives to provide unparalleled sales, marketing, customer service, and research and development support. Our commitment to clear communication, positive interaction, and respect for the ideas and opinions of every associate defines our corporate culture. The individuals who make up our company are, in every way, our greatest asset and most valued ingredient.